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Cheeky Noël Gift

December 18th, 2011 No comments

I have a rather cheeky friend who knows just how to get me going. So the other day I arrived at my desk to find this residing in front of my monitor.

Noel, since it is missing it's diaeresis a rant was assured.

Like waving a red rag in front of a bull she knew this would unleash a mix of laughter interspersed with lengthy rants about how once again the silly season had encouraged diaeresis abuse. What does one do with this ornate decoration that in it’s current state was more suited as a name plate for a guy with the name Noel. Well a few pieces of dowel, red paint and a hot glue gun were the solution.

Now it's Noël!

Now what was an ornament to the poor spelling of the Xmas season, is now a true representation for Noël with the diaeresis in red. Red because red is a cool colour, it is loosely associated with the fat dude that delivers gifts and finally cause it looks like a correction I have added in red pen to an incorrectly spelled word.

I loved the gift for the cheeky intentions, and cause it made me laugh. Now I love it more because it now highlights, in red, the pivotally important diaeresis.

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Noël diaeresis neglect yet again

December 12th, 2011 No comments

A penis called Noel?

OK I realise I’m flogging a dead horse here. But here is photographic proof of the sort of diaeresis abuse that we see around Xmas. Now I’m sorry this isn’t just a matter of poor grammar but in terms of aesthetics; why would you put it on your house? It looks like a red and green penis! So clearly this is a large red and green house penis that they have named Noel. It certainly only represents Noël in the mind of those whose mind is muddled by the Xmas spirit.

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